Morocco – land of milion contrasts

The trip to Morocco will bring stimuli to all of your senses. You will experience a lot of mixed sensations, and they will accompany you everywhere you go.
The contrasts are everywhere! It’s in what you see, what you feel, what you smell. Thousands of words are not enough to describe it.
Morocco is a country of a great wealth gap and this will certainly play on your feelings. In one spot you will see extraordinary wealth and in another corner a poverty that breaks your heart. The luxury brings manicured residential streets lined with trees and beautiful ornate mini palaces with patios and fountains, where the poverty means dilapidated collapsing walls, plastic instead of window panes, dirty rags, wild encampments, dirt, noise and dust, let away the smell. All this is usually divided by medina walls. Rich live outside of them and on the suburbs.

housing of Moroccco
streets of Morocco
housing – details


What is designated for the tourists is also way different from the real life

textile and decor stalls
food stalls


Moroccan landscape will amaze you with the contrasts


To find out more about our experiences in Morocco read this post.





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