On a budget in Morocco

When planning a visit in Morocco you may get an impression it’s a cheap country – and it will be if you make it wise. If you agree on quoted prices without haggling, you will end up paying as anywhere else in Europe. Therefore, it pays to know some of the local prices before you start your shopping spree in the medinas. To get the best idea of current ones, start your trip from visiting a big supermarket and some boutiques.
Below you can find some indication of what you can expect to pay for some products and services.

water – 3-7DH
flat bread – 1-3DH
Coca Cola/Fanta  – 8-10DH
crepes – from 5DH
tajin  – from 30DH
shaorma  – from 20DH
sandwich – 10DH
coffee – 7-15DH
fresh juice – from 12DH
menu in touristic area – from 35DH but usually 55Dh and more
oranges –  5-7DH
nectarines – from 3DH
bananas – 7-15DH * fruit and veggies prices will vary depending on the season
taxi grande ride (6pers) – from 5DHpp
budget accommodation – from 90DH (double room with shared bathroom in the mountains)
printing your airline tickets – from 6DH (for 2 tickets in internet cafe)
entrances to museums/places of interest –  from 10DH
toilet – from 1DH
hot shower  – from 5dh
fuel – around 10DH
1 day organised trips – from around 350DH (depending on destination and popularity)

This is just an indication of the prices. To find out more about haggling and survival in Morocco read this post.

If you managed to get even better prices, feel free to share them in comment box below!

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